How to with the Luxwood Building System

Our alternative building solution is registered with NHBRC (National Home Builders Registration Council) and Agrement for South Africa. In regards to Australia and New Zealand we are Code Mark and internationally we are registered with the WFTAO.

This video demonstrates how to assemble the Luxwood Base Frame as well as all the necessary components that are too be used at each stage.

This video demonstrates how to insert the Luxwood panel into the Base Frame correctly.

This video demonstrates in detail how to secure the U Channel onto the Luxwood base frame.

This demonstrates how to correctly use the Composite battens, it also explains why the use of the Composite battens is of such importance.

This video will show you the correct starting procedure for the wall panel as well as the correct tools to use.

The wall panel is one of the most important parts of building the house. If done incorrectly the rest of the house will not flow.

This video demonstrates how to prepare the panel for each window opening

We have created our own standard range of windows that match the panel. Our windows are an aluminum extrudent.

The U channel and brackets are an essential part of every construction project and this video shows us how to install the U channel and brackets.

This video shows us how to do the plumbing and many other of the essential Luxwood Building System .