Many towns and suburbs in South Africa are plagued by fire's destroying thousands of rands of belongings and leaving many homeless not to mention injured .This leading to even more suffering ,poverty and crime . So we pose the question :

Why has the government not put up Luxwood fireproof Homes ?"


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Over 100 shack dwellers were left homeless by a fire in Gadini informal settlement, Khayelitsha, Monday afternoon.

Shack dwellers scrambled to move valuables such as TV’s, fridges and DVDs out of their shacks onto the pavement.

Firefighters arrived quickly but battled to enter Gadini where the shacks were closely clustered together. The windy weather hampered their attempts to extinguish the fire.

Vuyokazi Tyam said the fire had started in a locked shack whose owner was at work.

Firefighters could not enter Gadini because the shacks had been built too close to each other. As a result, many shacks burned,” she said.

“Now I want the City to construct streets before the residents build their shacks again so that firefighters can easily help us when a fire breaks out next time around.”

Disaster Risk Management Centre spokesperson Charlotte Powell said the City had informed the SA Social Security Agency (SASSA) for it to provide relief, and the City would issue starter kits for residents whose homes had been destroyed.

Why Agrement and codemark ?

Codemark supports the use of new and innovative building products by providing a nationally and internationally accepted process for products to be assessed for compliance with the requirements of the building code of New Zealand and Australia. The codemark provides confidence and certainty to regulatory authorities and the market through the issue of a certificate of conformity .

Agrément South Africa`s quality management values are based on strict quality management principles. It is implemented through the commitment and participation of all staff and includes continuous consultation with clients. This approach provides an effective service and ensures high standard of innovative construction products and systems assessments.

We believe that Codemark and Agrément provides the necessary standard for each home that is not only compliant to government standards but also provides that each Luxwood home adheres to a standard of excellence. Ensuring that each home is of the best possible quality.